Assistant Maintenance Supervisor-AUST

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Salary period: Annual
Along with the Maintenance Supervisor, the Assistant Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the physical assets, general maintenance repairs, apartment make-readies, preventive maintenance and construction or rehabilitation projects for an apartment community. Responsible for maintaining adequate inventory of supplies for repairs and monthly maintenance budget monitoring.
Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor (if property is over 600 units)
Supervises: Under direction of the Maintenance Supervisor, supervises maintenance staff, which may include Groundskeeper(s), Housekeeper(s), Make Ready(s) and Maintenance Technician(s).
1. Under direction of the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Community Manager, supervises and schedules maintenance activities for apartment community and maintenance staff.
a. Work with the office team and Maintenance Supervisor (i.e., walking apartments, move-in/move-out reports, etc.). Determine weekly apartment make-ready and Service Request schedules. Report apartments that are ready to show to the Maintenance Supervisor.
b. Complete weekly/daily maintenance employee schedules and assignments in tandem with Maintenance Supervisor.
c. Communicate assignments and major tasks to employees. Make sure they have all the instructions necessary to complete assignment properly.
d. Periodically check the work progress of each maintenance employee. Provide immediate assistance and instruction as needed.
e. Provide input to Maintenance Supervisor regarding employee performance evaluations, employee compliments from residents, corrective counseling needs, etc.
f. Assist Maintenance Supervisor in recruiting and interviewing potential staff members.
2. Coordinate, schedule and respond to resident/management requests and Service Request for occupied apartments.
a. Use Service Request and schedules to establish priorities. Determine with Maintenance Supervisor requests or emergencies that should be top priority. Assign Service Requests equally to Maintenance Technician(s). Monitor the completion of Service Requests in order to limit callbacks.
b. Repair/replace appliances.
c. Repair/replace plumbing systems.
d. Repair/replace air conditioning/heating/electrical systems.
e. Repair/replace any apartment material/maintenance requests within scope of management responsibility.
f. Monitor the number of times a specific repair must be repeated. Determine course of action.
3. Coordinate, schedule and prepare vacant apartments for move-in.
a. Walk all vacancies to determine make-ready needs. Coordinate effort with Maintenance Supervisor to make schedule and assignments. If major appliances or carpets need replacing, discuss with Maintenance Supervisor before taking action.
b. Ensure all repairs/replacements necessary for apartment to be occupied are completed.
c. Ensure all trash from apartments are cleaned out before, during and after make-ready activity.
4. Coordinate and schedule appropriate safety and skills training for maintenance employees.
a. Assess training needs of employees and along with Maintenance Supervisor, Training director and Service/Safety Coordinator, provide input for training programs.
b. Provide one-on-one training to employees that may need to polish current skills or wish to learn new skills. Prepare, train and encourage all levels of maintenance staff for the opportunity to be promoted.
c. Provide initial safety and safety equipment training for all new employees.
5. Assist identifying and correcting hazardous property conditions.
a. Assist touring community daily to look for needed maintenance and liability hazards and report to Maintenance Supervisor. Repair hazards or assign completion of these tasks to the Maintenace Technicians. Also secure storage/pool areas, check timers and listen for electrical shorts and malfunctioning motors.
b. Periodically complete written property safety audits.
6. Assist coordinating, scheduling, and performing preventive maintenance on equipment and apartments.
7. Assist ordering supplies and managing maintenance budget.
a. Working with Maintenance Supervisor and using input from maintenance staff to determine supplies and equipment. Must get approval from Community Manager prior to placing orders for major expenditures and unbudgeted items.
b. Assist providing input to Maintenance Supervisor in determining needs for next fiscal year budget.
8. Assist Maintenance Supervisor with performance evaluations for maintenance staff.
9. Attendance is an essential job function.
1. May be requested to assist in other areas of community including office support, etc. depending on property needs.
2. Assist with hazardous weather problems, fires, floods, freezes, etc.
3. Responsible for overall organization and cleanliness of work areas and maintenance shops.
4. Attends and participates in Camden's training programs as required.
This job description is not an all-inclusive list of functions and tasks. Job functions may be added, deleted, or modified at any time by your management team. Receipt or possession of this job description does not constitute a contract of employment.
High School Diploma or equivalent preferred; some college or trade school preferred
Freon Recovery certification Type I and II, or Universal.
Certified Apartment Service Technician (CAMT).
Certifications in boilers, plumbing, HVAC (basic and advanced), journeyman license, use of fire extinguisher and first aid preferred. Must have training in compressor diagnosis, appliance repair, etc. Must have certifications/permits required by city or state to perform job responsibilities (i.e., pool operations, maintenance, electricians, etc.).
Propane torch(plumbing)
Steamclean/shampoo machine
Key machine
Sewer machine
Sink machine
Leak detector
Ampro meter
Volt meter
Manifold gauges
Charging cylinders
Spray paint rig
Air conditioners
Water heaters
Welding torches (A/C)
Hand tools
Position requires a minimum of 3 years general maintenance experience and at least 1-year multi-family, industrial or institutional Service Request experience preferred. Must be able to perform all facets of apartment make-ready. Previous supervisory experience is required. Must be able to troubleshoot and repair HVAC equipment, plumbing systems, electronic systems, all major appliances, pool and spa equipment and other systems on community (gates, phone jacks, irrigation systems, etc.).
Will be exposed to constant activity that requires intermittent standing, bending, crouching, pushing/pulling, lifting/moving/carrying (light to heavy weight material/appliances/equipment), climbing ladders/stairs, and walking on rooftops. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate small-motorized equipment (i.e., repetitive hand/wrist, griping and elbow motion). Must have normal range of hearing, vision, color discrimination and depth perception for proper operation and repair of machines, wiring, and equipment. Must be able to complete tasks wearing appropriate safety equipment (i.e., back belts, goggles, masks, gloves, etc.). For additional information regarding the physical demands of this position, please see the position's Physical Demands Analysis, which is available in Public Folders or through the Human Resources Department.
Must be able to read and write in English at intermediate level to read diagrams, meters, instructions, write reports, etc. Must be able to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions and plans. On a regular basis must use independent judgment (following prescribed procedures) to determine actions to be taken, priorities, emergencies, etc. Must be able to deal with moderate to high levels of stress due to meeting deadlines, reprioritizing activities and supervising employees. Will interact regularly with residents, vendors, contractors, supervisors, employees and coworkers and therefore, must have excellent interpersonal skills.
Will be exposed on a regular basis to outdoor environment (i.e., heat, cold, damp, rain, etc.). Will also have light to moderate exposure to injuries (i.e., chemicals, electrical, machinery, tools, lifting, etc.). Will be exposed to some low-level noise when using power tools. Hazards can be minimized with proper lifting techniques, MSDS and general safety training and wearing of proper safety equipment.
Will be regularly called upon to work overtime and service call/after hours schedules. Contact your Community Manager for community specific service call/after hours guidelines.

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