Peripheral Sales Specialist

Company Name:
Peripheral Sales Specialist
Location: Round Rock, TX
Duration: 6 months
Job Description:
Responsible for quoting and selling a defined set of Client Peripheral products as a member of the client's End User Computing organization.
Must be able to provide sales support via phone calls, email, chat or IM. Accountable for delivering technical solutions, products, and /or services
that address customer needs of varying complexity.
Identifies customer needs/ requirements, and recommends the appropriate products and solutions.
Remains up-to-date on new product, technology, and services offerings.
The EUC Client Peripheral Specialists will be working with Inside Sales Reps to assist with completing upgrades / modifications to existing orders after point of sale
(Ex. Upgrading memory on 10 previously ordered systems) The Specialists will also be responsible for providing quotes for proposed upgrades /
modifications to customers.
Working with inside sales team to provide quotes on "one off" client peripheral components. (ex. Cables, notebook locks, keyboard/mice, backpacks, bags, etc...)
Previous Work Experience:
Customer Service - Electronics based (Best Buy ,etc.)
Call Center Exp. preferred but not required
Restaurant /. Bar tending exp.
Work in a fast paced environment /quick rapport building
Minor technical support - call center (not a focus but typically will have the tech savvy needed)
Has built their own computer system
Comfortable / Knowledgeable with technology
Personal and Friendly
Interested in a potential career and not just a temporary assignment
I would appreciate if you could refer me your friends/colleagues who are looking for opportunities.
Thanks and Regards,
Sesha Sujith, Recruiter
Ph: (248) 275 - 1912 I Fax: (866) 914-9724
I www.iconma.com
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